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How To Get Your Staff On Board With Your New App

You’re app is live! How exciting! But how do you make sure it’s a success? A key factor in your app marketing is your staff’s buy-in. If the staff knows and understands the value of the app, they will be able to relay this information...


Tech companies are trying to crush mom-and-pop repair shops

If you've ever wondered why nobody other than Apple is officially licensed to fix your iPhone, it's because the device titan has locked out everyone else from accessing manuals or spare parts. This pushes small electronics shops to buy used or counterfeit parts of dubious...


Facebook just made your weather app obsolete

In its ongoing quest to become the only service you need in your life, Facebook is giving mobile and desktop users the ability to check their local weather forecast at any time. The feature began rolling out on Wednesday, and you can find it in the...


Draw in 3D with the ‘Mental Canvas’ Illustration App

There are apps like uMake that rather easily turn 2D sketching into useful 3D models for prototyping, but the new app Mental Canvas takes a different approach. It fuses the illustrator’s need for aesthetics and style with 3D modeling, giving the resulting illustrated worlds some wondrous depths. Originally developed by Yale University Professor...


6 Ways Gen Z Will Change the Tech World

The world of technology is in constant motion. Video games launch every few days, social media apps come out with weekly updates and Apple manages to pump out a new, slimmer phone every September. Our society is inundated with technological progress, and there are no signs that...


Why Every Hair Salon and Barbershop Needs An App

Let’s cut right to the chase: having a hair salon app can help you get more customers, book more appointments, and increase revenue. For many small businesses, a mobile app is a great new way to connect with customers and open new marketing channels. But for hair salons...


How Criticism Can Save Your Small Business

Mistakes are critical to business growth. We learn the most when we’re faced with trickier problems and customer complaints that force us to get creative. Whether you’re a booming tech leader like Facebook or a local mom-and-pop, your team should always have an ear to...


Wave Computing rolls out plans for fast deep-learning computers

Deep learning neural networks, software programs that attempt to emulate the way the brain’s neocortex works, have led to striking improvements recently in speech and image recognition and even game playing. But progress in this branch of machine learning has come in spite of the fact that...


Why your business needs a mobile app

When social media came into the limelight, the challenge for businesses to be everywhere was remarkable. Overnight, organizations created their social media accounts, bombarded people with content, and then could not break the benchmark of 100 Likes. Similarly, with mobile applications breaking big, the pressure for organizations...